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Stream to new audiences worldwide. Get your completed film, series, or short on both Rockefellas TV platform and to potential buyers. 

Rockefellas films is a multiplex studio handling the development, acquisition, financing, production and marketing of theatrical motion pictures. 

Leverage your content with backed analytical data. Our platform provides real live feedback to help you successfully, pitch and market or package your project to networks, other distributors, or investors.

An essential part of Rocefellas is its strategy in content acquisitions. Successfully aligning content with education and culture is an achievement few has been able to accomplish.


look for

Submit Your Film For Distribution

When submitting your project here are some of the items we take in consideration.


  • An engaging film marketing campaign & active social media presence and following

  • Eye-catching artwork

  • Reviews (particularly from prestigious publications)

  • Film Festival screenings and awards

  • Recognizable talent (especially for narrative films, and often for documentary interviewees)

Submit your project and start the process now.
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