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Submission Guidelines

Video Requirements

Your video can be captured with any good quality camera, including iPhone or smartphone cameras. 

The image should be of good quality and suitable for television. Please only submit your application when your project is in the most complete and finished form possible. We will only screen the first cut submitted. 


Rockefellas TV requires all music videos to be submitted via URL link. If you change this link or any of your login information and do not inform Rockefellas TV, your film could be displayed.

  • Your submission link must be to a secure, online version of your project via an external site (i.e. your own website, Vimeo, unlisted Youtube, etc.)


  • Your Submission Link must be working before you complete your submission application

For more information, see the Submission Link section of the application. You will receive a confirmation email from us within 48 hours of your submission. This email will confirm that your project has been submitted correctly. If you do not receive this letter within 48 hours, you should follow up by email to ensure your project has been submitted properly and is under consideration.

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